Andy OS

Emulator that runs Android content on a PC


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  • Category Operating Systems
  • Program license Free
  • Version 47.260.1096.26
  • Size 529.15 kB
  • Works under: Windows 7
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Andyroid

Andyroid is a freely-available Android emulator for your desktop computer. The Andyroid emulator can run most apps which could be run natively on an Android phone but runs them as a program from your computer desktop. If you are a gamer, you can now enjoy Android-based phone or tablet games directly on your computer, maybe even using your mouse and keyboard to get an edge. If you are looking to run productivity apps, Andyroid excels at this as well with full access to the Google Play store and Internet right out of the box.

Andyroid is easy to download and install and will set up a preconfigured installation of the Android operating system, so there is no need for long, complex, and messy installations. Despite the simplicity of set up, Andyroid still provides many options for advanced users and developers, including allowing root access to the file system and running third party apps. Andyroid also allows for a flexible configuration and scalable resource allocation with a virtual machine player. You can set aside as much RAM and processing speed as you want.

Gamers will appreciate the ability to map keyboard shortcuts to actions on the emulated Android phone, such as the swipe gesture or a multi-touch gesture. Andyroid also features a remote control option in which your actual Android phone can serve as a controller for your games, making use of your gyroscope or touchscreen. Andyroid especially excels at running network-based gaming without lag.

For users looking to run productivity apps, Andyroid features a newer version of the Android operating system than many competitors, ensuring excellent app compatibility. The integration of webcam and microphone support will also help users in testing different apps, including camera and other media recording apps. Your computer's webcam and microphone are seamlessly used to simulate that of a real phone. The ability to "drag and drop" files from your computer directly into the Andyroid emulator window will also come in handy for many users. Finally, the Andyroid support staff are very friendly and available.

Since Andyroid seeks to provide an integrated Android emulator experience, the platform is very suitable for gamers, productivity app users, and software developers alike. The platform is very stable and continues to improve in stability and speed with each new release.


  • The ability to use your device as a controller for the emulator
  • A fast and stable solution for network-based gaming
  • Features a good merging of productivity and gaming capabilities
  • Since it runs a newer version of the Android OS, there is good app compatibility
  • Drag and drop support from computer to the emulator
  • Scalable RAM and CPU performance settings
  • Easy to install--no complex configuration is required
  • Friendly and available support staff
  • Runs third party applications and allows for root access
  • Entirely free!


  • Some games may run faster in emulators designed specifically for gaming
  • Doesn't allow for easy switching Android OS version and device types
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